My Portfolio

JackGames Portfolio:


Hey there! My Name is Jack, and I’m a YouTuber, Discord bot developer, and moderator/admin for a number of large Discord communities! This is my “Portfolio” of sorts, where I’ll discuss my experience and more! If you want to reach out to me, you can contact me via Discord, by joining my server here and making a ticket via the 🎟make-a-ticket🎟 channel!


These are my social details!

Email - jack@jackgames.net

Discord - JackGames#0322 (ID - 335076634908426252)

Minecraft Username - JackGamesAR (Previously known as ProfessorAdams)

Other links/socials - links.jackgames.net

Age: 18

Discord/Server Moderation:

One of the main things I like doing in Moderation for online communities. Here are some examples of where I’ve been a moderator/still am a moderator:

Wardy’s Discord Server:

This is the biggest server I currently hold a senior position on. I am one of the three administrator’s for Wardy’s Discord Server, which currently has over 14,000 members. I am also the developer of Wardy’s custom Discord bot (more details about that later). You can check out his server here


This was a Minecraft Server and Discord Server. It was owned by three large YouTubers, who go by the names Jelly, Slogo, and Crainer. With a combined total of over 20 million subscribers, this was their official Minecraft Server. I joined the HoaxMC Staff Team as a Trial Moderator back in June 2020, and worked my way through the staff ranks (Trial Mod, Moderator, Mod+) before getting promoted to a Senior Moderator in September 2020. I then remained as a Senior Moderator until May 2021, retiring after around 11 months on the team.

Unfortunately, HoaxMC shut down in May 2022 and merged with another server - TheArchon. You can check out the HoaxMC Discord Server here


This was a type of Discord server which had an amazing concept I’d never seen elsewhere - Skyblock, but entirely via Discord. You could use grinders, go mining, use crates, fishing, etc… all via Discord commands, and receive server prizes for coming in the top 3. This server was previously a physical Minecraft server, but is now fully on Discord. It has over 22,000 members, and is a Discord partnered server - I was a moderator there, however I resigned on the 27th December 2021, after a great few weeks on the team!

Although the Minesaga Discord bot game was discontinued due to the developer being too busy, you can still check out the Minesaga Discord server here

Jack’s Hangout:

This is my personal server with over 230 members. It is mainly for my YouTube Channel, however it has an active and fun community, where people can chat, share memes, and also use my bot that I coded to complete “Jobs” to earn coins, in order to purchase coloured name roles! You can check out my server here

The Neon Café:

This server belongs to my friend Emma. With over 700 members, it is an active server, with lots of people chatting each day. I was an administrator for this server, until I resigned after lots of time spent there! I later rejoined the team, and I'm currently a moderator. You can check out her server here

Discord Bot Development:

I also enjoy coding Discord Bots in the Discord.py Rewrite language. Here are some:

Jack’s Bot:

The custom bot I coded for my server. It has features such as: a currency system, where users can earn coins via commands such as /work and /allowance (I implement slash commands into the bot), and these coins can be used to purchase coloured roles in the /shop; a ticket system for staff, which includes ticket claiming, making tickets admin-only, ticket transcripts, and more; a suggestion system; mutes and bans for staff; plus more! You can check it out here

Wardy Bot:

The biggest server that one of my custom coded bots is in, is this one. When I first joined Wardy’s Server, it was as a bot developer, as I was asked about a custom bot by one of the admins at the server. I made the custom bot, and it’s since then that I joined the staff team, eventually reaching administrator. I still actively support, and host, this bot. It includes features such as: automatically deleting and banning for unsafe phising links; sending a DM to user’s with answers to commonly asked questions if it detects key words in their message; a levelling system + level roles; and more! You can check out Wardy’s Server here

Ez Tickets:

This is my public ticket support bot. It is designed to make setting up a ticket system very easy. All a user has to do is invite the bot to their server, type -setup, and the bot automatically creates a channel for opening tickets, and creates a role to give to people who can deal with tickets. When a ticket needs to be closed, they can use -close. It is currently in over 200 servers and can be viewed on top.gg here or via its website - eztickets.jackgames.net

Ez Tickets is also a verified Discord bot, meaning it was approved and verified by the Discord verification team. This means the bot doesn’t have a server limit anymore, and also has the verified checkmark next to its name!

Ez Tickets

Ez URLs:

This was another public Discord bot that I made, which automatically scanned URls in messages and then checked them against the Google SafeBrowsing API. If it found that one of the URLs was dangeorus, it would automatically delete the message and send a warning in chat! Unfortunately, I ultimately shut it down due to it not being used enough to justify continuing to dedicate hosting to it.

Neon Support:

This was a custom bot I made for my friend Emma’s server (The Neon Café). It was used for the ticket system in her server. It was similar to the ticket system in my server (Jack’s Hangout), but without the non-ticket related features. This bot was discontinued when Emma coded her own ticket support bot!


I also have a YouTube Channel - JackGamesAndReviews



I generally upload videos from Hypixel Skyblock, such as explaining updates, changes, etc… however I occasionally make videos about other Hypixel stuff, or sometimes funny sketches, etc…

Upload Schedule:

I upload about a few times per year. I also live stream!


I currently have 700+ subscribers, 140,000+ views accross the whole channel, 3,000+ watch hours from viewers, and 630,000+ impressions (people who saw something to do with my channel, even if they didn’t watch or click)


If you’ve read this portfolio, thank you! I hope that you can see and understand some of my key areas in online communities, moderation, and development - this hopefully shows that I am a suitable candidate for applying to servers, etc… If you want to reach out to me about this portfolio or something else, then you can join my Discord server here, find the 🎟make-a-ticket🎟 channel, and open a ticket! Have a good day!